The Port Allegany funeral home was started when H. Frederick Grabe purchased the 105 Main St. property in 1941, and converted the residence into a funeral home. In 1946, Howard A. Walter bought the establishment. He ran the business under the name of Howard A. Walter Funeral Home until 1981, when Robert J. Hartle purchased it and changed the name to the Robert J. Hartle Funeral Home, Inc. Bob operated the business under this name until January1, 2003, when a business partner, Stephen F. Tarbox, joined the corporation, and they, together, have been operating the business. In January, 2006, they changed the name to the Hartle-Tarbox Funeral Homes, Inc., Port Allegany. Mr. Robert Hartle is the designated supervisor for this location today.

The Smethport funeral home was started in 1951 by Hugh C. Fry. He operated the establishment as the Fry Funeral Home until 1972, when he sold the business to Jay Snyder. Mr. Snyder ran the business until 1978. At this time, Gary K. Drum purchased the funeral home, and changed the business name to the Gary K. Drum Funeral Home, Inc. The Drum funeral home was purchased by Mr. Hartle and Mr. Tarbox on January 1, 2003, and they continued running it under that name until they changed it in January 1, 2006, to its present name, Hartle-Tarbox Funeral Homes, Inc., Smethport. Mr. Stephen Tarbox is the designated supervisor for this location today.